• Why You Need a Professional House Cleaning Service to Do Mold Removal

  • A Professional House Cleaning Service can Prevent Mold and Its Growth

    Completely cleaning mold is a fallacy; in fact, the best you can do is to get mold levels back to normal. Microscopic mold spores can be found indoors or outdoors. The spores float along in the air and find their way to home through AC/heating systems, doors, windows, clothing or pets. Getting in a room with high indoor humidity (above 45 percent), the spores only need 48 hours to grow and build colonies. The colonies then produce irritants and allergens that can cause health effects.

    Research showed that 50-100 mold species is classified as indoor molds; and, all is potential to cause health problems. Of all species, Penicillium, Cladosporium, Aspergillus, Alternaria and Stachybotrys chartarum are the most commonly-found mold. According to EPA and CDC, indoor molds can create health problems such as headaches, respiratory problems, cough or cold symptoms, irritations, allergic reactions, asthma attacks, hypersensitivity pneumonitis as well as opportunistic infections.

    Mold removal, like mildew removal, should not be a one-time event. The cleanup should be performed thoroughly and continuously by considering that mold can grow very quickly in dark and damp places such as bathroom, attics, basements and crawl spaces. To do mold removal, a professional cleaning service that specializes in mold removal is imperative. The teams behind the house cleaning service understand the science behind mold and do have the expertise and experience in removing mold. The cleaners have encountered with different situations in association with mold.

    Mold Removal Procedure

    Mold removal, or more accurately referred as mold remediation, encompasses a series of steps in mold identification, removal and prevention in order to diminish the health and damage risks associated with mold. The mold cleanup performed by a professional house cleaning service is aimed to get mold levels to normal and to minimize the spread of the spores.

    There are at least 7 steps in the procedure:

    Step 1. Assessment Aimed to identify colonies of mold in a house, determine the sources of the problem, and formulate a unique solution to the problem.

    Step 2. Containment Aimed to address the source of the problem, which is usually moisture, and isolate the affected areas.

    Step 3. Filtration Aimed to clean the areas, and the air, of mold spores to lessen airborne contamination.

    Step 4. Removal Aimed to remove affected materials and deep-clean heating and air conditioning systems.

    Step 5. Drying Aimed to thoroughly dry the affected and cleaned areas and formulate moisture management strategies to prevent from future issues.

    Step 6. Repair Aimed to remove mold-contaminated materials or replace them with new materials.

    Step 7. Testing Aimed to evaluate the remediation’s success.

    To have a mold-free house needs the help of a professional mold removal service. If you suspect mold problems, consult with the service in your local area, such as one of the house cleaning services in Mamaroneck NY If you reside in Larchmont or Mamaroneck, to have a rapid help before the mold problems create serious health and damage problems.