• What To Expect When Hiring A Professional Office Cleaning Service

  • A commercial cleaning company such as Mamaroneck Office Cleaning Service isn’t so much a “luxury” to anyone who runs a business as a necessary operating expense. Cleaning a professional workspace is just sometimes too different an animal from cleaning a home and prices can vary accordingly with the size of space, required frequency, and just what needs done.

    Still, an orderly workspace that makes it easier to get things done is something you deserve. Every space is different, but you just can’t manufacture the time in your day to both nurture a thriving company and pick up after every mess that gets made.

    To narrow down the professional cleaners that best suit your needs, be honest with every candidate about just what the job will entail.


    This is a relatively simple concept: more space means more time. Certain surfaces and substances will require more time and effort, along with additional hazards that may cost a premium.

    If you want an accurate estimate, let your property’s cleaners know truthfully just what they’ll be getting themselves into. Many services base their prices in part on the types of floors they’ll be cleaning, since carpeting will likely require steam-cleaning as well as vacuuming and tile floors will routinely be swept, mopped, and periodically polished.

    Restrooms are another matter entirely. The number of bathrooms may alter your quote and the service you choose will need an idea of how many stalls, urinals, sinks and mirrors will have to be cleaned with each visit. In addition to knowing which cleaning supplies will be needed regularly and in what volumes, there’s also the matter of restocking paper products as a question of ordering supplies.

    Finally, always ask about cleaning exterior windows. Some services will work on them, but not all. However, many professional cleaners will work interior glass cleaning into their price quotes. Just let your contact know how many glass windows your workspace has, including glass doors.


    Believe it or not, your company’s break room and other leisure areas may not be included as part of your office cleaning service quote.

    Waiting areas in particular require that all furnishings be wiped down to maintain clean, sanitary conditions. On top of that, we also have to clean magazine racks and holders, toys laid out for children, televisions, and numerous other accouterments. As for break areas themselves, many services won’t do more than sweep the floor and empty the trash without negotiating an additional fee. Ask directly if you think you may need the refrigerator, sink and microwave thoroughly clean regularly.

    Still have questions? Remember, you can trust our cleaners to have the utmost respect for the privacy and security of your professional property. We’re here to tailor exceptionally attentive service to your office’s exact needs with every visit. Please, feel free to call Mamaroneck Office Cleaning Service today at (914) 825-4420 for a no-cost estimate.