• Should You Do DIY Mildew Removal or Hire a House Cleaning Specialist?

  • Whether or not mildew removal should be delegated to a professional maid service in the specialization is up to the severity of the mildew infection in the house. If it is only a light mildew infection, DIY removal should do.

    DIY Mildew Removal

    A lot of materials are known best for its quality in removing mildew, they include:

    • Lemon. Lemon is effective to remove light mildew stains from a variety of garments.
    • Vinegar. Vinegar is always popular for its cleaning property. In association with mildew, this liquid can be applied to any kind of surface including bathroom tiles, bathroom fixtures, furniture, painted surfaces, plastic shower curtains, rugs, carpets or clothing.
    • Ammonia. Ammonia is one of the most effective in the battle against mildew; however, it must be used properly and in a well-ventilated area in order to ensure the safety of the homeowner. The material is good for mildewed furniture or outdoor surfaces.
    • Bleach. As effective as ammonia, bleach always shows up when it comes to mildew removal and mold removal. Take a note that it must NOT be applied together with ammonia. Bleach can remove mildew from a wider variety of surfaces than ammonia. It is good for bathroom tiles, inside or outside surfaces, plastic shower curtains, washable fabrics, rubber shower mats, unpainted cement, stucco, patio stones, painted surfaces and siding.
    • Baking Soda. Baking soda is good for plastic shower curtains or liners.
    • Borax. Borax can be applied to upholstery and garments.
    • Hydrogen Peroxide. The material is really effective for removing mildew, and cleaning mold, from infected areas in the bathroom.

    Professional Mildew Removal Service

    DIY mildew cleanup, like mold cleanup, can only work in some conditions where mildew infections are not too severe. However, the results are prone to be temporary because the mildew will soon get back again in the same areas. Thus, a professional mildew removal service is a must.

    Professional mildew removal get mildew levels to normal and carefully clean the spores in the environment and in the air to prevent future mildew infections. Additionally, professional cleaners from house cleaning services in Mamaroneck and Larchmont NY will help address the sources of the mildew problem and formulate effective strategies to long-term fight against mildew after the removal.