• Green Office Cleaning Mamaroneck NY in Westchester County

    A lot of office cleaning companies offer “green”/”eco-friendly” cleaning options that you can choose for your building.  We use all safe green products and practices standard at Green Office Cleaning from Mamaroneck Cleaning Services.  All of the “green” and “eco-friendly” products and practices we use are proven to be at least as effective, if not more so, than there conventional counterparts.

    Green Cleaning Practices

    Practices are just as important in green cleaning as the products that are used.  We use all microfiber rags, cloths, towels, dust-mops, and wet-mops. Instead of grabbing 2 or 3 paper towels from the dispenser to clean a mirror we can use one microfiber cloth to clean all of the mirrors in your building.  And that one microfiber cloth has a lifetime of several hundred launderings. Over its lifetime it will literally clean thousands of mirrors. We also use microfiber in our commercial office cleaning because it cleans better and requires less “product” to be affective.  Because of the shape of the individual fibers it literally picks up and holds particles; whereas a cotton cloth really just pushes particles around.  Imagine the difference between a sponge and a squeegee.

    Flay Mops & Charging Buckets

    Another hugely important piece of our green cleaning is the way we clean hard floors. We use flat mops and “charging” buckets instead of traditional rag mops and wringers.  The flat mop is a simple innovation that makes a big difference is cleaning.  Flat mop systems reduce water and product usage dramatically.  Our green corporate cleaning system cleans around 5,000 square feet with 1 gallon of cleaning solution.  Each room or section of floor gets its own new, clean microfiber mop pad; this is like using a brand new mop with fresh and clean water every few minutes.  It also virtually eliminates cross contamination between rooms or sections of floors.  It is lighter and easier to handle for personnel, and also much quicker than a traditional rag mop.

    MSDS Sheets

    We prefer to use Waxie’s green cleaning supplies because we have been so happy with the results.  We’ve also collected MSDS for Clorox Green Works glass cleaner and Simple Green All Purpose Cleaner as well.  We’ve used both of those cleaners before in our office cleaning services and we’re also satisfied with them.  We plan very well and don’t ever anticipate finding ourselves out of the supplies we prefer to use.  But if that instance were ever to come up, we’ve decided that using those two products could suffice because they are widely available at retailers, and they meet our green office cleaning standards.